Easy to use.

EVENTICO does not require any installation on your computer.

It works directly in your web browser. 

import gpx
Permitting Authorities, Insurance, Financing Your Event, Revenue & Expenses

Before the event

A platform for planning, visualising and collaborating

• Planning the course and tasks
• GPX and Excel import/export
• Roles & responsibilities (groups, zones, types of tasks)
• Visualisation of the organisation on an interactive map and GANTT plan

manage in real time

During the race

Managing your operations from the palm of your hand

• Real-time work-flow progression
• Instant messaging

• Location of staff and volunteers – GPS
• Notifications if deviation from plan

arrêt de préfecture
manage in real time


After the event

A tool for evaluating and improving

• Analyse execution across locations and personnel
• Reports on work-flow and incidents detected

EVENTICO also gives you the opportunity to save and reuse a model for your future events. 

You improve your races over time.

dash-board, evaluate and improve