Are you an Event organiser,
or Operations Coordinator ?

Here’s a single tool that simplifies your work.

Get a bird’s eye view of your organisation with Eventico digital platform. Eventico allows you to integrate and assign tasks to your co-workers, volunteers, contractors, rescue services and authorities.


On the Eventico application, they will be able to access in real time the information you wish to share with them, as well as validate tasks from their smartphones.

By connecting all the people taking part in the event organisation, you will be able to effectively analyse any given situation, which is an incalculable advantage when you must make a decision.


With the teams connected by their smartphones, it will be easy to reposition them. You will be able to give them new instructions and, should that be the case, to implement your emergency plan.

And we are happy to share this experience with other race directors around the world!

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With Eventico, you …

Simplify your organisation

Save time through your entire process

Quickly make cost savings

Increase the safety of your event

React quickly on race day

Improve your future events